What You Need To Know About Test And Tag

Test and tag refer to the process of inspecting electrical appliances to ensure they are safe. The testing involves checking for any form of damage and then checking using a portable appliance tester. Once the testing process is completed, a tag shows who did the test, the date of the test, and when the next testing will be done. The major reason why test and tag is done is to make sure that every person who uses the items in the workplace is safe. It also helps reduce the risks of electrical hazards. Continue reading the article to know more about test and tag.

Who should do the test and tag?

It is important that if you use electrical appliances in your business, you have them tested and tagged regularly. However, it is paramount that you have your equipment tested and tagged after every three months if you get involved in the mining, construction, and demolition business. This is a result of the harsh nature of these industries. It is also good to know that testing and tagging is a requirement by the authorities, so you also need to do it to comply with the law. As an employer, you also have a moral duty to enhance the safety of your employees. Testing and tagging is part of your duty to improve their safety when using the equipment in the workplace.

Who should perform the test and tag?

You should not do the test and tag process by yourself. This task should be done by a competent electrician who is certified and accredited by the authorities. Not any electrician you find in your area can perform the job. It is paramount to make sure that they are trained on testing and tagging equipment. They need to have the skills to use the tester and other tools needed for the job. You should also make sure that the person you hire to do the test and tag undergoes ongoing training to equip them with the latest techniques in the industry.

What type of items are tested and tagged?

All devices with flexible cables, removable plugs, and does not have low voltage should be tested and tagged. Electrical items are usually classified as:

  • Class 1: These are earthed appliances such as toasters, kettles, and irons.
  • Class 2: These are the double insulated appliances that have the world double insulated or have a square symbol. They include hairdryers and electric drills.

It is good to note that new electrical devices do not require testing. All they need is to be inspected and tagged.

How often should you test and tag?

There is no standard time you should perform the test and tag of your electrical equipment. The duration of testing and tagging is determined by the environment the appliances are used. It is good to check at the laid down regulations to find out when you need to have your particular appliances tested and tagged. You can also ask your professional electrician since they know how this ought to be done. You can also take test and tag business course if you want.

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